Mollificio Fede is a Company specialized in the production of compression, extension, simple and double torsion springs and shaped wire parts custom made based on customer drawings, with a wire diameter from 0.08 to 1.50 mm.

Our Customers receive our assistance and cooperation throughout every stage of the product’s life:

  • equipment design
  • fast prototype production
  • assistance in the automatic assembly stage
  • production with high quality standards
  • packaging and labelling with bar codes in compliance with European standards and the needs of each customer.

Mollificio Fede can therefore provide products and services that are highly qualified in every aspect.

The experience we have gained over decades of business and on thousands of different products allows us to offer winning solutions to the continuous technological and productive challenges that come with new projects and which are generated by market competition.

The types of shaped components made from metal strips or wires manufactured according to the Customers’ requests are countless, finding application in the widest variety of industrial fields, from the automotive to the medical sector, where we are experimenting with innovative materials and uses