Mollificio Fede was founded in the late seventies by Mr. Mario Dell’Oro.
Operations began in a small workshop of 80 sqm with 3 production machines and 3 employees.
The company builds its first industrial plant of 700 m²
Production systems: 20
Personnel: 12
A second production plant of 1000 m² is built
Production systems: 50
Personnel: 28
Mollificio Fede joins M.S. Ambrogio S.p.A. Group as the company specialized in springs production
Production systems: 80
Personnel: 35

Expansion of the indoor area to 6,200 m²
Production systems: 170
Personnel: 70

Expansion of the production plant to 1,000 m²
Production systems: 30
Personnel: 20

Construction of the new 3,500 m² headquarters, including all production and corporate operations
Production systems: 70
Personnel: 35
The Company covers an area of 14,000 m², including 4,300 m² indoors
Production systems: 140
Personnel: 65
Increase of production systems from 170 to 190
Production systems: 190
Personnel: 80


The strength of a company lies in the human resources that make up its organisation. This is as true and important as the market where it operates is difficult and its customers’ expectations are high.

Technological evolution and the complexity of the systems used, the significant quality standards required of its processes and products, all need the contribution of highly qualified and trained personnel.

The appropriate response to this need is the educational programme implemented by Mollificio Fede which consists in true training conducted by highly qualified in-house personnel, using internal instruments and resources.

The goal of this initiative is the constant updating of personnel and appropriate insertion of new employees in the company

Sustainability, Environment and Security

The Mollificio Fede headquarters are located in Valsassina, on the banks of the Pioverna River. The environmental requirements that the company must observe are increasingly stricter and more restrictive.

Mollificio Fede is constantly committed to protecting the health and safety of its personnel and visitors, with particular attention to the reduction of the environmental impact of its processes and the prevention of any form of pollution or accidents.

These goals are achieved by implementing and maintaining a Safety System which, in accordance with the prevailing standards, generates a process of continuous improvement.